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MCIOB 'INDUSTRY' One-Time Application Review (with added Guidance Notes) (CIOB6R)

MCIOB 'INDUSTRY' One Completed Application Review (with extra Guidance Notes). Includes 2 remote one-to-one 30 minute mentoring sessions for specific guidance and feedback. Each session will be recorded for you.
We give clear and concise guidance on how to respond and feedback on your draft application content. Note that the Industry Route Application needs to be completed at, what is recognised to be, a professional degree level. Communicating complicated information simply and concisely and following a remit correctly is key!
This course is ideal for those who are just looking for a one-time review with feedback of a completed or partially completed application. For a more comprehensive service please checkout our other mentoring course.
A discount code is available on request if you have already purchased our CIOB Guidance Notes only course.

Instruction Type: Instructor-Led Minimum Entry Level: 6

  • Welcome to the course
  • How to Use Learning Portal and Contact Mentor
  • About the 'Professional Review Process'
  • Guidance: How to complete the application
  • Guidance: The CIOB Do's and Dont's
  • Writing Your 'Applicant Statement'
  • Applicant Statement: Guidance for "What becoming MCIOB means to me and ... ?"
  • Writing the Report for Occupational Competence (1)
  • Guidance: COMPETENCE 3.1.1 Planning & Organising Work
  • Guidance: COMPETENCE 3.1.2 Managing Health & Safety and Welfare
  • Guidance: COMPETENCE 3.1.3 Managing Quality
  • Guidance: COMPETENCE 3.1.4 Implementing Sustainable Construction Development
  • Guidance: COMPETENCE 3.1.5 Knowledge of Commercial, Contractual and Legal Issues
  • Writing the Report for Management Competence (2)
  • Guidance: COMPETENCE 3.2.1 Communication
  • Guidance: COMPETENCE 3.2.2 Decision Making
  • Guidance: COMPETENCE 3.2.3 Managing Information
  • Guidance: COMPETENCE 3.2.4 Leadership and Strategic Management/Financial M.
  • Guidance: COMPETENCE 3.2.5 Developing People or Teams
  • Guidance: COMPETENCE 3.2.6 Innovation
  • Writing the Report for Commitment to Professionalism (3)
  • Guidance: COMPETENCE 3.3.1 Professional Judgement and Responsibility
  • Guidance: COMPETENCE 3.3.2 Commitment to abide by the Rules and ...
  • Guidance: COMPETENCE 3.3.3 Commitment to CPD
  • COMPETENCE Report Review
  • NOTIFY & SUBMIT: Request a Review or Self-book a ZOOM meeting
  • YOUR WRITING PAD: Edit You Working Report Document
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "NOTIFY & SUBMIT: Request a Review or Self-book a ZOOM meeting"