Applicant Statement: 

"What becoming MCIOB means to me and what would I expect to contribute?"

Statement Brief:

What does becoming MCIOB means to you and what would you expect to contribute?

Please provide a short, concise statement about what becoming a member would mean to you.

Statement Analysis Plan:

Please note that the Statement Brief; What becoming MCIOB means to me and what would I expect to contribute?  is in fact two questions.  A way of compiling this statement  is to give 50% of your answer as a personal response to; What becoming a MCIOB means to you and 50% to; What would you expect to contribute to the CIOB or the Chartered objectives and goals of the CIOB.  The first half of your statement requires a personal response whereas the second part requires acknowledgement of the CIOB's objectives, and to that end, let us now review the CIOB Chartered objectives.

The CIOB Chartered objectives are:

The Chartered Institute of Building is at the heart of a management career in construction.   It is the world's largest and most influential professional body for construction management and leadership.  It has a Royal Charter to promote the science and practice of building and construction for the benefit of society, and had been doing this since 1834. It’s members work worldwide in the development, conservation and improvement of the built environment

It accredits university degrees, educational courses and training. Its professional and vocational qualifications are a mark of the highest levels of competence and professionalism, providing assurance to clients and other professionals procuring built assets.
Started in 1834 with 18 members.  Sir Samuel Mortin-Peto 1834 (Nelson’s column and Houses of parliament).

The CIOB was granted a Royal Charter in 1980.

Its objectives, as defined in its Royal Charter, are:

  • The promotion for the public benefit of the science and practice of building and construction.

  • The advancement of public education in the said science and practice including all necessary research and the publication of the results of all such research.

These objectives form the foundations of the Institute's work, its role, and set the standards to which members are committed. Officers, Members and staff are ultimately responsible to the Privy Council, for ensuring that all business for, on behalf of, or in the good name of the Institute is conducted to that standard and in accordance with the directions of the Royal Charter.

The following  paragraph, 'General Guidance', will appear in all guidance competence sections.  It is to be noted that although similar instruction will be given throughout, it is important to review these sections in each unit as although similar, they are not identical and they will always contain important section specific information and direction.

General Guidance:

Write your Applicant Statement on a Word document and when you have completed 50% of your statement copy your statement onto your application so that you do not exceed your word count. HERE HERE HERE

You will note that from the Statement Analysis Plan that this is 'A' way and not 'The' way. In your unique working history, you may have a better way to approach this statement each following report which will be very acceptable.  With our CIOB Profiling service, we offer advice which is an option and does not have to regimentally followed.  In fact, after taking on board our general guidance concepts, we welcome original responses.

When you have completed your statement, review your statement against the statement brief analysis and ask the question, have I answered the statement brief fully and included all points that I wish to? If the answer is yes, you have completed your report.  If not, take a break, make a note of what is missing and add to your statement if you feel your report will be strengthened.

In conclusion:

In order to present your whole application and your abilities to complete this application in the best possible light, I strongly suggest you briefly revisit your Application Statement when you have completed the whole application having reviewed all of our guidance and in particular, the last four sections. I believe that the guidance given in those sections will give added clarity and direction to your Application Statement.