Supervisor/Foreman - Supervising Safely (GAP Course) (GAP4S)
Supervisor/Foreman - Supervising Safely (GAP Course) (GAP4S)
This course demonstrates the role and responsibilities of a construction site foreman/supervisor. This is accomplished by studying the role and responsibilities of the construction site manager and identifying those duties which are delegated to...
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Finance Issues - Managing Safely (GAP Course) (GAP6C)
Finance Issues - Managing Safely (GAP Course) (GAP6C)
The aim of this short course is teach you about management concepts and good management practice, legal requirements and construction management health, safety and welfare practices and procedures and by the end of the course you will have a good...
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Manager/Assistant - Managing Safely (GAP Course) (GAP6M)
Manager/Assistant - Managing Safely (GAP Course) (GAP6M)
The aim of this course is to help those studying and to refresh practicing Managers or Assistant Managers of Construction of their legal and moral responsibilities to manage construction H&S to current legislation. We achieve this by bringing...
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