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Man over board, NVQ sinking fast, feeling over your head, don't know how to progress but you know you do the job! We are the NVQ on-line assessor life bouy, a safe harbour in which you will find your feet and will be able to complete your qualification as simply and efficently as possible. The key to this is for us to enable you to communicate with an independant assessor/mentor and receive prompt feed back, direction and guidance in a simple and efficient manner.

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The Intro course includes a 30 minutes 1to1 ZOOM meeting. Further Intro meetings can be requested as needed or in bundles of 6 x 30 minute sessions. Also available, are multiple extended sessions covering 4 or 5 NVQ units.

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The Mini NVQ course is for a single Unit  taken from any NVQ course, includes all ZOOM meetings, a Dropbox for evidences and a final portfolio assessed by an NVQ assessor.