ccm6 (CONTRACTING Units)

CCM17 Optimise and Control Contract Progress and Costs... Level 6 Guidance (Contracting) (NVQ6CCM17)

'Optimise and Control Contract Progress and Costs in Construction Contracting Operations Management'. BEFORE starting this Unit it is recommended that the 'General Guidance' section from the STARTER Unit is completed first. This unit is from this NVQ Additional Guidance Series for the Level 6 Diploma in Construction CONTRACTING Operations Management (General Building)

Instruction Type: Stand Alone

  • General Guidance from STARTER Unit (read before you start this unit) sample
  • Control Contract Work in Construction Contracting Operations Management
  • Unit Introductory Video
  • Unit Summary [U17-A01]
  • Learning Outcome 1 and 2
  • Part 1. Optimise contract progress... [U17-A02]
  • Part 2. Optimise contract progress... [U17-A03]
  • Learning Outcome 3 and 4
  • Part 1. Control contract costs... [U17-A04]
  • Part 2. Control contract costs... [U17-A05]
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever