A Rivasure Skills Programme

The Cost of H&S for Managers of Construction

This course will teach you about management concepts and good management practice, legal requirements and construction management health, safety and welfare practices and procedures and by the end of the course you will have a good theoretical knowledge of the cost, benefits and consequences of both good and poor construction health and safety management.  This will greatly assist in the preparation for higher studies and with practical site management for those in training and as a refresher for those already in practice, as sometimes the greatest enemy to those practicing daily in the field is complacency brought on by routine and work pressure. 

This course also recognises the need for managers to undertake CPD and will refresh a managers resolve to manage their projects to the required legal standard and above to the benefit of themselves, those they are managing and their companies.

This course is conducted entirely online via your mobile phone or computer.  This means you can complete the course at your office or at home. Please ensure you have your sound on your device activated and turned up.

During the course we will cover the topics such as;

  • Construction Law, Regulations and Consequences
To assist each candidate to retain the information, the content of this course will be delivered with the aid of slides, voiceovers, assignment quizzes, case study audio pod casts and multi choice assessment questionnaires. 

This unique blended learning environment has been designed specifically for those in construction so that they will enjoy engaging with the course content.

All candidates completing this Course will automatically receive a RivaSure Construction Management Course H&S Certificate.