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Lecture 3.3 ...

The H&S 'Role and Responsibility'
of the  Construction Site Supervisor

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In Conclusion...

Having looked at negative management personalities and the same negative personality types apply to supervisors, I feel it is to be noted that on any given day, there is ability in the human psyche to adopt and adapt any of the negative characteristic management / supervisory styles mentioned and or use a variety of them in any given situation. 

When this happens, one could say that:

  • An immature personality style is in action
  • It will not produce long term positive results
  • It will leave other team members continually unsure of where they stand
  • It demonstrates that a Supervisor or manager is being managed by the situation  and their circumstances
  • These personality types are communicating and supervising incorrectly which will put the job in jeopardy and those working on it!
Second, it is to be noted that the wrong personality types are very close relatives.  A  procrastinator, forced into action may turn to bullying!  The Bully having to back down may resort to slippery tactics and a fearful person without guidance and support may evolve into any of the negative management types (Bully, Jobs worth, Slippery, Procrastinator, Excuses).  The relational possibilities between the negative personality types are endless, whereas a mature personality type manages and supervises consistently at all times and remains  diligently at the centre of control and communication.

Third, let's take our examination of poor personality types a level deeper and for this I will need your help.  I want you to consider the worst person you have ever worked under. Please take two minutes to consider the characteristics that put this person in the frame and note down on a piece of paper that which you feel, in your experience, elevated them to this position.

Did you include any of the following:

  • Did they willingly withhold information (immature power playing)?
  • Were they liars?
  • Did they talk too much without actually saying anything of importance?
  • Were they poor listeners?
  • Did they continually criticise, belittle and show little or no support to those that answer to them?

These are the poorest of the poor types of managers and supervisors.

Whereas the best of the best managers and supervisors are those that:

  • Are truthful and are of good moral character
  • Good communicators and are a ready source of information
  • Good listeners and act on information received
  • Encourage, set goals, channel energy, passion and enthusiasm and support those to whom they delegate responsibilities to.

From the above points, it is to be noted that good character has been added to good communicator as an essential key concept for good proactive managers and supervisors.

    It is also to be noted that good managers and supervisors recognise and diligently exercise a variety of  responsibilities as part of their duties and it is to these responsibilities and roles that we shall now bring a focus, 'The Man with Many Hats'.