MCIOB 'INDUSTRY' Application Mentoring

How to Use The Learning Portal and Contact Your Mentor

Thank you for enrolling and let’s see if we can make this as simple as possible.  Each of the application guidance pages, whether it be the Candidate Statement or a Competence Report, are all set out in the following way:

  • Report/Statement Brief:   Direction from the CIOB for that section as found on your application.
  • Report Analysis Plan:  Specific section guidance from RivaSure on how to correctly address the Report Brief.
  • General Guidance 1-4:  General guidance from RivaSure on how to address the Report Brief.  Please be aware that the General Guidance for all sections is similar but not necessarily the same.  Therefore it is essential that you systematically read the General Guidance in all sections.

We highly recommend you work in a sequential manor, starting at the beginning of the course and working down.

Working Document Pad: Please write your answers into your personal 'Working Document Pad' which has been setup for you. This is available to you at anytime and can be found at the end of the course index. To access the course index, see the dropdown menu at the top this page. This working document opens in a new browser TAB allowing you to easiliy switch back to the guidance material window when needed.
IMPORTANT: Please make sure we have confirmed receipt of your latest career CV before using this pad.

Requesting a Review: Similarly, at the end of the course index you will find course the item 'Request a Report Review'.  This is the best way to communicate with your reviewer. Type in a short message stating which section or sections are ready for my review. Using this method of communication alerts me that you are ready for my review so do navigate to this as often as you like and always after you have just completed a draft of section.  Your work will then be reviewed within 24 hours (during the working week).

In addition, you may send me a direct message or receive a message from me via 'Messages' at the top of each page.

Do familiarise yourself with the IT 'workings' before you commence your application in earnest.

Once all sections have been passed as completed, you should copy/paste each answer onto your CIOB application form ready for sending on to the CIOB. Please feel free to forward a completed copy to me for final review.