MCIOB 'INDUSTRY' Application Mentoring

The CIOB Do's and Dont's

The following is advice given by the CIOB.

Before you commence working on each of your competance reports, refer to this guidance check sheet below before and whilst you are preparing each report.

DO ...

  • Give clear, specific and detailed examples of the competences from your own practice.
  • Make sure it is about you and your experiences. Use ‘I did...’
  • After each example try to explain why you did it in the way described. What were the advantages and disadvantages of the decisions you made?
  • Superior applications will demonstrate reflection on practice giving indications of how the candidate would do things differently in the future.
  • Use full sentences and paragraphing as required.
  • Use all the space provided to describe and evidence your competence.
  • Keep self-evident comments like ‘Health and Safety is important to the organisation...’ or ‘Planning and organisation is crucial for the smooth running...’ brief. It is good to have an opener to a section but too much of this language starts to sound like waffle. It is the personal examples we are looking for.
  • Be honest about what you have achieved. The assessor is not looking for prestigious multi-million pound projects. They are looking for evidence of competence, the ability to understand the limits of one’s competence and responsibilities, the ability to make ethical decisions and the commitment to learn and develop.
  • Do check for spelling and grammatical errors. The PR Team will send the report back if it is clear your report has not been proofread.

DO NOT ...

  • Use ‘we do this at...’ or ‘we follow company...’. Too much of this suggests you are not working on your own initiative.
  • Don’t list your job responsibilities or your job description.
  • Don’t describe company policies e.g. at my company we do... The assessor wants to know about you and your practice. You may refer to policies that inform your practice.
  • Don’t assume because you have worked on large projects or prestigious sites that this confirms competence. It does not.
  • Don’t exaggerate or misrepresent your experience and responsibilities as you may be questioned about it.
  • Don’t use bullet points. It suggests you cannot fill the boxes with substantive examples.
  • Don’t use company specific acronyms without mentioning the full title at some point in your report.responsibilities, the ability to make ethical decisions and the commitment to learn and develop.