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SMS Better Understanding of Legal, Moral and Financial Problems (Pre-SMSTS for Managers) (GAP6C)

The aim of this 3 hour course is teach you about management concepts and good management practice, legal requirements and construction management health, safety and welfare practices and procedures and by the end of the course you will have a good theoretical knowledge of the cost, benefits and consequences of both good and poor construction health and safety management. This will greatly assist in the preparation for higher studies and with practical site management for those in training and as a refresher for those already in practice, as sometimes the greatest enemy to those practicing daily in the field is complacency brought on by routine and work pressure. Valuable online learning for those preparing for SMSTS level.

Instruction Type: Stand Alone Total Hours Required: 3

  • Course Outline & Introduction
  • Welcome to the course
  • How to contact us for assistance
  • Course overview sample
  • Course Pre-Assessment
  • About the pre-assessment Quiz
  • Pre-Assessment Short Quiz (S02-T1)
  • Legal
  • Section Introduction
  • Lecture 6.1 The Law (S06-A2)
  • Lecture 6.2 The Risk (S06-A3)
  • Section Review Quiz (S06-T1)
  • Moral
  • Section Introduction
  • Lecture 7.1 (U03-S07-A1)
  • Lecture 7.2 Part 1 (S07-X3)
  • Lecture 7.2 Part 2 (S07-A2)
  • Section Summary
  • Section Review Quiz (S07-T1)
  • Financial
  • Section Introduction
  • Lecture 8.1 Losses (S08-A1)
  • Lecture 8.2 Reasons (S08-A2)
  • Lecture 8.3 Making Sense (S08-A3)
  • Section Summary
  • Section Review Quiz (S08-T1)
  • Conclusion & Assessment
  • Course Conclusion
  • Final Assessment (S10-T1)
  • Course Evaluation - Feedback Form
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 3 years