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Report 2.3 / Assisted / Managing Information (MCIOB R08 A)

MCIOB Membership Application Guidance for Assisted Learners (Video/Scripts WITH Personal Mentoring) - The Application needs to be completed at, what is recognised to be, a professional degree level. Communicating complicated information simply and concisely and following a remit correctly is key!

ZOOM MENTORING SESSIONS ARE INCLUDED (You can purchase and request ALL Reports later)

Single Report

Instruction Type: Blended Minimum Entry Level: 6 Title: Report 2.3 / Assisted / Managing Informa...

  • Welcome to the course
  • How to Use This Course
  • About the 'Professional Review Process'
  • Main Introduction / Course Outline Video
  • General Guidance On The Review Process
  • The CIOB Do's and Dont's
  • General Writing Plan
  • REPORT Video/Script
  • 2.3 Managing Information
  • Sharing your draft report with your mentor 1d
  • Edit your Interactive Working Document
  • Contact your mentor
  • Book/Start an Interactive Zoom Mentoring session
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed